Sunday, April 29, 2012

So I am in Mexico City for a month at the moment, busily painting and setting up appointments with charming local boys to model for my paintings. I will be posting drawings and photos of them as I go, along with descriptions of the things I get up to. If you are in D.F, write me! I'll be around!

For now, shortly before I left San Francisco, my friends Juniper and Mico came by the house to take a shower. They met at my house during a photo shoot a couple of months ago; I posted photos of that first meeting, which went very, very well. They have been living in a van, driving around the country and having adventures; they promptly became boyfriends after our experience together. I really love them; they are great guys, and wonderful models. I had a photo shoot with just Mico and myself not long ago; I'll post those photos soon.  I offered my place to them if they ever need a shower or a place to rest, since they are living out of a van, and they gladly accepted. Of course, having them around is always a pleasure. Here are the photos from the day they came over, right before I left for Mexico three days ago!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Juniper, Adorable

Juniper came over the other day for a photo shoot with Pico Della Rosa, otherwise known as Dot. I took some photos of the behind the scenes; this was the view from my desk of the charming Juniper. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pillow Poem 21

I recently finished "Pillow Poem 21," a japanese Shunga painting of two boys making love while riding horseback through the waves of a turbulent sea.

The painting is below: click on the link to purchase a large 13 by 19 inch print for 45 dollars, or a smaller print for 17

I had a photo shoot with Danimal a couple of months back for my painting "Hood Ornaments." At the same time, I took photos for a bunch of other projects as well; I knew I wanted to make this painting, so I had taken photos then as well. First, I had already downloaded photos of horses in the poses I wanted; I photographed us making love in the proper poses to be able to photoshop us onto the back of a horse later; below is the finished stock photo of us on the back of the horse.

Than I drew us on handmade bamboo paper from China using vegetable ink and a fine brush. Below is a photo of the painting in progress. Finally, when the ink drawing was complete, I painted it with watercolors.

Here are some other photos from the same photo shoot, all with the intention of making horse-back love paintings, some of which will soon follow!

Danimal, looking adorable

And a few more for other projects

And another painting I did using the stock for the horseback love, although now they are up in a tree

Pillow Poem 20, which you can purchase as a large print for 45 dollars or an 8 by 11 print for 17. Click on the link below!

Some New Paintings

I recently completed a series of paintings based on some stock of I took a couple of months ago, using myself as a model, for my series of Astrological paintings. The photo used in the painting below was meant for a Pisces image; in the end, I painted a more bucolic scene.

Click on the link below to purchase a print of this painting for 17.00 dollars

I just finished the painting above yesterday; the original is still available!  Click below to purchase it, in watercolor on paper, 5 by 10 inches tall, for 140.00

And finally, the Paradise Reader, which I just sold. Click below to purchase an 8 by 11 sized print for 17.00!

The photos which follow were stock that has not yet been used, but is too beautiful not to share!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

At the Party; the final photos, and a new painting

Here are the last photos from the little get together at my house. Thank you, Pico Della Rosa, for taking the photos! We had a photo shoot with a couple of friends; Mico and Juniper, which Pico was photographing. Up to that point it was just an ordinary photo shoot, But then my friend Giacomo dropped by, and one thing led to another, and suddenly, there was a lovely little party happening in the living room, with wine and rather less clothes than we had started out with; naturally, one thing led to another, with Pico taking pictures the whole time! It was lovely. I am going to be making more artwork with the photos; here is the first I have done thus far.  Happily, Mico and Juniper, who both went out of town, will be back next week, so I hope more parties and photo shoots will follow to share with you all!

Click below to purchase the original painting on my website. It is in watercolor on handmade paper, for  185 dollars.