Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Caleb Poses for Bruno

Caleb And Bruno from felixdeon on Vimeo.

Felix has been collaborating with an Italian photographer lately, Bruno De La Rosa, who has been photographing handsome young men together with Felix in his San Francisco studio.   The model is Caleb, a young street savvy kid Felix met by the train station.  Caleb originally from England, was collecting peoples extra train tickets to make extra money. Felix told Caleb he could make some extra money by coming to the studio taking off his clothes for Bruno.  This clip is from the beginning of the photo shoot. You can find drawings of Caleb on
You can also find some of Bruno's photos in our eBay Store  Enjoy!

You should check out this book that Bruno brought over -Romantic Male Nude by James Spada.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Picture from out Patron

Hello everyone,
    Felix recently got a package from our Favorite customer or should I say patron.  It was a very sweet package with a letter and some pictures.  We thought we should share this photo with you because it is so cute and indicative of us here at the studio. Except here at the studio we wouldn't be wearing any clothes. -Enjoy Jon Carlos

P.S. Check out this album it is one the best put out last year.  I just gave it to Felix and now it's on repeat.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Shooting with Bruno Video

Sorry it took so long but now I am finally delivering. Here are two videos from the stills I posted a few weeks ago.  I made these videos in my studio while some friends of mine where modeling for Bruno.  As you can see everything is fun when Bruno is in charge.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

George Barbier

One of my favorite friends and patrons from San Francisco recently gave me a copy of this book, the illustrations of George Barbier.  I had never heard of him before, but he is clearly a soul-mate.  My own work had been tending in that illustrational, art-deco direction for some time, but possessing this book certainly pushed me over the edge!  I have been deeply influenced by it, and have been indulging the fantasy that had an openly gay art been possible at that time, it would have looked like what I am making now.  His book is peopled by fauns, bathers, decadent nobleman, sweet lovers, and on and on.  Much of it is more straight than otherwise (the times! the times!), but there are enough naked fauns to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I highly recommend it.  Below are some of my favorite images from the book.  I am flying to Chicago this weekend to meet The Other Felix, and we will hopefully collaborate on an illustrated book;  I plan on painting it in this style.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A little perspective

The picture above has gotten some of our customers asking - "Where are the photos that Bruno is taking?"  Well here are some of those pictures along with a few of Felix drawing from his own perspective....