Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stripping Skeletons

These are some photos of my new boyfriend, Elias, I took on Halloween. We had been invited to a costume party (well, "costume" is a strong word for masks paired with birthday suits. The dress code was strictly enforced). He showed up at my house in this charming outfit, with the mask he had made himself; naturally, I wanted to see how he would look at the party later, so I ordered him to strip while I took photos, to commemorate. I approved. And joined in. We had a lovely night; wandering the streets and looking at the trick-or-treaters, sex at the party with a couple of charming boys, and a ritual on the roof of my house, overlooking the city at night, in which we burned all the things we wanted to have done with, and started our lives anew. He is such a charmer, and I am so lucky to have him in my life. Here are the first of the photos I took; the safe ones! It got really racy really fast; the others are coming soon!

New Work

Yay! When I moved to Mexico, I lost my password to my blog, and was subsequently unable to change the password because I didn't have an American phone number. Which is why I haven't updated it in so long. But I just now, on my American vacation, figured it out, and I can post again!

Here are a few recent paintings. I'll start posting photos of my cute friends and boyfriends soon!

These paintings are original watercolor and ink on paper, for 125 each. Here is a link to my website where you can purchase them!