Saturday, December 31, 2011

Showering with Jesse

I was invited to a friend's house - a very good artist - to draw a model he had met. The model was very handsome, 18, slender and dark, and I was naturally instantly smitten. When my friend suggested that we pose together, I jumped at the chance. Here we are in the bathroom posing for some shower pics after a very dirty modeling session!

I'll post more soon of the rest of our photo shoot!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Felix Forrest and I fly through the air

Some stock photo I took of myself and my beautiful boyfriend, to be turned into drawings of angels flying through the air, or mercreatures  swimming freely through the sea. Enjoy!

The Oh! Boys all together for a photo shoot

So I've been doing the fliers for the Oh! Parties, which take place twice a month here in San Francisco. They are great parties, dirty and costume oriented with a little S&M spice - I love them. Here is one of my fliers for them,

The painting above was made using the photos I took during the photo shoot. You can check out more Oh Fliers, and buy a print or an original if you are curious, at this link:

The photos above were taken while we were taking a break. I'll post a few of the stock photos I took of the boys at play in the studio soon!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Me and Felix Forrest in Bed

My boyfriend is finally home from visiting his family, and I got to wake up with him in my arms this morning. Can anything be better? My brother (who is my roommate) grabbed a camera and snapped some photos of us in bed this morning. He's a sweetheart, and here are the photos of a very happy me with m very handsome boyfriend!

A Stuck Pig

I got a request from a fan to take some photos of myself as the proverbial stuck pig, with an apple in my mouth. These are so he can make a drawing with them - he is a very talented artist. Here are my favorite of the stock photos,


Some more photos of the mystery man

Here are the last photos I took of M, our mystery nudist, kissing my boyfriend by the side of the river!

Secret Kiss

I posted this photo on my blog just a couple of days ago, and a fan photoshopped it and sent it back to me, all gussied up. I love it! Here is the new version;

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Felix Forrest with our new friend at the Yuba River

As promised, here are some photos of Felix Forrest, my boyfriend, up to a little naughtiness with a new friend we made at the Yuba River. We had such a lovely time; Our friend, whom I will call M, was hiking past our campsite in all his most glorious nudity. Naturally, we all fell in together, and we went on a hike the three of us back downriver, to a secret spot he new about where there was a cave and a ledge hanging over the rushing river. We all made love there, and we swam to a rock in the middle of the river and started all over again. It was beautiful. Here are some photos I took of the two of them shortly before I put down the camera and joined in.