Monday, September 10, 2012

My Sweet Knight

A recent painting, "My Sweet Knight, which I did using some photos from the much-used photoset of me and my boyfriend taken almost two years ago. I did this painting shortly before moving to Mexico City. Here is the painting, an original watercolor on paper measuring 7.75 x 7 inches, and 150 dollars. Click on the link below the image to purchase it from my website!

Leather Fairies and White Tigers

This is another recent painting, posted along with the roughly manipulated stock photo of myself kissing my good friend and model, Giamcomo. The original is in watercolor on paper, measures 11.24 by 11.5 inches, and costs 180. Click on the link below to purchase!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Leather Fairies and Water Sports

These are some photos taken shortly before I moved to Mexico a little over a month ago, for a new series of wallpaper designs I am working on, inspired by Grandma wallpaper, S&M, leather, and water sports. The photos follow the painting; I sold it on my ebay store (the link is below - I sell similar things all the time for under a hundred dollars), or write us if you are interested in  a print!

"Behind the Tree"

My apologies for not posting in so long! I just finished up my move to Mexico; it was a solid month of work with packing, figuring out how to move my business, goodbyes, extra work to make extra cash, and on and on. But its done, I'm settled into my new house in La Roma of Mexico City, and I'll get back to regular posting, I promise, with my new friends and the cute boys of Mexico as my willing accomplices! 

I did a lot of work in my first two weeks in Mexico, which we have only now gotten around to posting. Here is one of my favorites, "Behind the Tree," which I did shortly before leaving the US. The photo is of myself posing for it, in my old house. Click on the link below if you want to purchase the original, in watercolor and ink on paper. Its 150 dollars and is 10.25 inches tall!

Friday, July 13, 2012

I've posted a few of these photos before, but I have tons more and I photoshopped them a bit to make them more beautiful. This is a model from a few years ago, whom I have been drawing recently from his old photographs. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Japanese March

In organizing my computer, I came across these photos of my brother Marcel posing for my painting, Japanese March. I thought I would share them with you, along with the painting. They were done the year before last for my yearly calendar.

The painting is available on my website as a limited edition print for 15.00. Click the link below!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Artist as a Roman Warrior

These are some photos taken last week of myself in my helmet as a Roman warrior. They were taken by my good friend Dot when our model flaked and DOT was all set up with no one to shoot! So I pulled out my costume and started leaping around. It was a lovely afternoon.

The Bengala Legends

These are some photos of the piece I recently did, The Bengala Legends, showing my process. At the top is the finished painting, followed by a sumi brush drawing and the piece with the first washes of watercolor, and then two stock photos I took of myself as references for the painting.

A limited edition print of the finished painting is available on my website for 25.oo. Click on the link below!

Three New Pillow Poems

Here are a few of recent pillow poems which sold right away. They are available as prints on my website, measuring 8.5 by 11 inches in a limited edition run, signed by the artist, for 20 dollars each. Click on the links below each image to purchase!

Pillow Poem 26

My newest Pillow Poem, based on a memory of a wonderful time.

Watercolor and ink on paper, 6.75 by 10 inches, available for 340.00!
click on the link below to purchase!

Oh! 15

These are some photos I took of myself for an Oh! flier I did earlier this year, together with the finished piece.

The original of this painting is available on my website for 150.00. It is in watercolor on paper, and measures 4.25 x 7.5 inches! Click the link below to purchase!

And below, the stock photos I took of myself to make this piece!