Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A last little bit on Vitruvian Man

I got a final request from the gentleman who commissioned my self-portrait as Vitruvian Man - a photograph of myself and my boyfriend Felix Forrest with the painting!

So in the interest of Art we stripped on a chilly San Francisco afternoon.

And somehow managed to pass the time!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Oh! Flyer

I just did the flier for the Oh! party for March (naturally, on a Saint Patrick Day theme, with red head, freckles, and all!).  My friend Brendan came by to pose for a drawing we were working on, and since he's one of the boys who throws the party, I took pictures with the timer of the two of us for the flier.  I turned him into an Irish boy, of course.  Photos from the session follow below. 

I thought he looked to pretty in this pose to not take a photo - I might make a drawing of it later

Our simulated blow job.  I wanted to use this pose, which would have been more graphic, but last time the flier was removed from facebook and it affected attendance at the party, so it needs to be more tame, unfortunately.

hence this one, which is the photo I chose for the flier.

At the end, I took some photos for another project I am working on, which is a commission to paint the twelve boy scout rules in a homoerotic style.  This one is for "The Scout is Helpful."  In the final painting, I will be wearing a full boy scout uniform (I am the one kneeling on the sofa) and Brendan will be partly dressed, with his shirt open, hat askew, and pants around his ankles.  I took a bunch of photos like these, just as a start to play with ideas.  Naturally, we will be become a bit younger, and he will lose his beard in the process.