Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Javier Returns for a photoshoot

   I recently introduced Felix to Arthur Russel's "Calling Out of Context" which is this really sexy album.  Which is now being played almost everyday.  Arthur Russel is this most amazing gay musician of the 70's and 80's.  He was most successful making dance music but never actually got any recognition for all of his unconventional music which now sounds very contemporary. 

   Javier,  the boy that we met at the beach a couple of weeks ago, has been modeling regularly. So Javier comes over to model and hears this song "Arm Around You" and immediately takes his clothes off and starts dancing all around the studio.  We couldn't even get the camera out in time but you can use your imagination.  Here are some of the pictures Felix took of Javier that day

Enjoy! -Jon Carlos

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Javier Poses

Hello Friends,

This is Jon Carlos Felix's assistant. I am usually sitting in my office area with my brain directly connected to the web. Friday however was a beautiful spring day and Felix told me it was much too nice to be sitting around working. "Lets go to the beach!" he exclaims. (What an oppressive boss right?)

So we are off to Baker beach and let me tell you it really was a great day for it! As we walked down the beach looking for an ideal spot what did we find but a nude boy playing in the waves with his Labrador. "This is the spot" Felix says blushing. After we set out our blankets it wasn't even a minute before Felix was talking to the boy and giving him the repertoire. "I'm a fine artist...Your so cute..Let me draw you..etc"

Javier is a cute young student living here in the city. He aspires to be an lawyer but his true passion is being in the nude. I cannot tell you how Felix happens to find every exhibitionist within a mile of his perimeter but I assure you it's a constant you can put money on.

Today Javier came in to model and I thought it was appropriate to share this little story and some photos.