Thursday, September 30, 2010

Astrological Commission

I got a commission recently to paint an astrological love story of a sweet gay couple, which is pictured above.  They sent me the basics of what they wanted it to look like (hair color, body type, and astrological signs - one was Cancer and the other Aquarius, and one was born in the year of the horse and the other in the year of the snake), and armed with that, I set about to make their painting.  First, I naturally needed to get a cute boy in the studio to set up the shoot - I knew that I would be one of the figures, but the other needed to be more muscular than myself.  Luckily, Bruno happened to have a photoshoot in my studio that day with a cute ex-porn star named Fyrfly.  I thought of my commission right away, as soon as I saw his muscles.  I felt a little shy for some reason;  I pulled out a similar drawing to the one I had in mind to paint, and I said,

"I know this is a little forward, especially since I just met you and all, but I need to do a painting of this gay couple, and you would be the perfect model for it.  Do you think I could join you in the photo shoot later for this shot?" I blushed furiously at this point, "and we would need to kiss."

The words had barely left my mouth before he grabbed me by the hand and started to pull me over

"Why do we need to wait until the end of the photo shoot to start kissing?"

The photoshoot went rather downhill from there, which hardly startled Bruno, the ex-pornographer, although it may have frightened the cats.  at some point I somehow managed to pull myself together and we took the photos I need, with Fyrfly seated up high on a stool so I could paint him on horseback later.

Later on, I used those photos to make this drawing as well, of a gay centaur couple! I'll be posting this in my ebay store tomorrow.

Needless to say, the shot went rather well, although I think I embarrassed Jon Carlos (my assistant) with the goings on of his boss in the studio. But I have tons of photos which will come in very useful for future drawings, and I had a lovely time with a very handsome man.

If you are interested in a commission like the one of the gay astrological nude male couple, just write me! I think something like that would make a great and very romantic gift, and it is great fun for me to do.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Booth at the Castro Street Fair

So this weekend, I am sacrificing a fun and sun filled weekend of naked boys and country romping with my friends at Calistoga to set up a booth at the Castro Street Fair instead.  I've been working like crazy pulling it together;  I am hoping to convince some cute friends to model for me nude (or as nude as you can get police and weather permitting), and hopefully I can make some money and sell some art to fund an upcoming trip to visit my brother in Milan.  Come and see me there if you can make it!

Here is a flyer I made to advertise the blog.  I hope to see you there!

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Bookplate Set

One of my favorite customers asked me some time ago if I had ever thought of making a set of bookplates;  I made one a few weeks ago, finally, and liked it so well I decided to make a full set. You can see them below; I am selling them in my ebay store for five dollars for a sheet of six bookplates. Naturally, my webmark does not appear on the final bookplates, but is only there to protect my images.

I made them using my brother Marcel as the model;  I have him a book to read, and had him hold a couple of dozen poses.  The photos are low in quality, unfortunately, since it did not occur to me to share them with you until now;  they were only taken as reference photos.  But I think they are rather lovely.  The small paintings were done in watercolor on paper.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Love on the Rocks

Danimal and Senon.
Kiss on the rocks at Cazadero
They have been a couple for a long time and are very much in love.
And are very creative.
 And generous.
They sweetly let me draw and paint and photograph them in the beautiful course of their lovemaking.

Thank you!