Monday, September 27, 2010

A Bookplate Set

One of my favorite customers asked me some time ago if I had ever thought of making a set of bookplates;  I made one a few weeks ago, finally, and liked it so well I decided to make a full set. You can see them below; I am selling them in my ebay store for five dollars for a sheet of six bookplates. Naturally, my webmark does not appear on the final bookplates, but is only there to protect my images.

I made them using my brother Marcel as the model;  I have him a book to read, and had him hold a couple of dozen poses.  The photos are low in quality, unfortunately, since it did not occur to me to share them with you until now;  they were only taken as reference photos.  But I think they are rather lovely.  The small paintings were done in watercolor on paper.

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