Sunday, April 29, 2012

So I am in Mexico City for a month at the moment, busily painting and setting up appointments with charming local boys to model for my paintings. I will be posting drawings and photos of them as I go, along with descriptions of the things I get up to. If you are in D.F, write me! I'll be around!

For now, shortly before I left San Francisco, my friends Juniper and Mico came by the house to take a shower. They met at my house during a photo shoot a couple of months ago; I posted photos of that first meeting, which went very, very well. They have been living in a van, driving around the country and having adventures; they promptly became boyfriends after our experience together. I really love them; they are great guys, and wonderful models. I had a photo shoot with just Mico and myself not long ago; I'll post those photos soon.  I offered my place to them if they ever need a shower or a place to rest, since they are living out of a van, and they gladly accepted. Of course, having them around is always a pleasure. Here are the photos from the day they came over, right before I left for Mexico three days ago!