Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Eduardo in Thai Gold

So my good friend Pico Della Rosa came by the other day with a cute boy in tow; he does this rather regularly, and so as I sit at my desk, slaving away on yet another painting of charming and handsome boys, he strips them naked and photographs them directly in from of me, making it rather hard to concentrate on the task at hand. Today's cute boy was Eduardo, a charming call boy from Mexico who has actually been by once before, so that Pico could photograph him for his profile. When Eduardo posted the photos, he got a huge upswing in clients, but they all, sadly, thought he was a top, which would obviously never do and much distressed Pico for making him look so dominant and manly, so another photo shoot was clearly in order, to bring out Eduardo's more feminine side, and emphasize the charms of his lovely posterior. So today was all about Bottom Boys, and I think that Pico accomplished his goal admirably. We dressed Eduardo up in some of my Thai gold, he pranced about and kept on slipping out of his clothes, and these are the photos that resulted! There are tons more; I had some technical issues with my blog recently, but I think they are all squared away, so expect more soon!