Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Paintings of Me and Fyrefly

Here are some of the paintings I made using the stock I took of Fyrefly and I in the studio. We had such a wonderful time; he is so sexy, and it was such a surprise to get roped into the photo shoot like that. And so useful! That wonderful memory of sex and pleasure, immortalized in photos taken by my friend Bruno, and then used from then on out to make artwork is a lovely thing. Every time I see one of these paintings I think of that afternoon of pleasure. 

The painting above is the most recent one I have done using photos from this shoot; I did it just a week ago. Check it out on my website here if you want to purchase a print, or check out more similar artwork!

The piece above was made using a photo taken right after the one below! Check it out a print version of it here:

And the last of the early Pillow Poems with the photo that inspired it:

And finally, if you want to check out the gallery on my website where I keep all of my erotic gay shunga (Japanese erotica), click here!