Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mico in the Studio

What a great day! I was walking home from the gym when I passed a young guy walking the opposite direction; I was just five minutes from home. He caught my eye; I ran and caught up with him and showed him the photos of my artwork in my phone, and asked if he would like to model. Yes! He said, and he just happened to be available right then. We walked back to my place together; he told me his name, Mico, said he is interested in porn and live sex shows, and in fact has been in some already; he does live shows with his boyfriend, another artist, whom I am very eager to meet. It was lovely; I stripped him naked the minute we got home, and dressed him in one of the house jockstraps, and that evening, my friend Pico Della Rosa came over and we had a photo shoot! I will post some of the official photos when Pico shares them with me, in the meantime, here are some photos I took of Pico with my iphone!  

Oh! Oh my! We are in the middle of the shoot as I am writing this blog entry and Mico just decided to make it erotic! Expect more spicy photos soon!