Tuesday, February 28, 2012

18th Century Jeremy

These are some more photos from a while back, but which I never posted. Jeremy, the boy in the photos, used to be my assistant and good friend. He was super game, and since as everyone knows the workday goes better if your cute assistant is naked, I only rarely allowed him to wear clothes in the house, which he was only to happy to do. We used to spend our days dressed up in togas, or Aztec loincloths, or beaded jockstraps, painting away and enjoying the day. On the day in question, he showed up at work with a pair of net hose in tow, and thought that should be his workday uniform. That sounded like an excellent idea to me, so we pilfered my costume closet, and came up with some charming 18th century costumes (they are not very historically accurate!) to wear for the day! I pulled down the photographic backdrop to take stock photos since we were getting extra dressed up that day, and these are the photos that resulted!  Here is Jeremy, getting dressed, with some help from yours truly:

His outfit for the day! 

The next two posts will show my outfit, and some stock photo of us together!