Monday, February 27, 2012

Jeremy and Marcelito Toweling Off

These are from an old photo shoot years ago, with my old assistant Jeremy. He used to model for me regularly (like my current assistant, actually, except that Jon Carl doesn't like his photos on the web, so I never share them with you!). Anyway, these were taken one day when I was drawing him from life. I already posted some photos from the same session on line; they are somewhere deep on my website, but there were more as yet unposted and un-shared, so I thought I would put them up today!

My brother Marcel was my roommate at the time (he lives in Milan now, although he is visiting me for a month or so - I'll be posting photos of him soon!). Anyway, he saw me drawing Jeremy, and he picked up his camera and started snapping away! Here are some of the photos he took;

After he had taken a few photos, Marcelito took off his clothes and joined in; he was never one for keeping his pants on when they could be taken off!  He put the camera on a tripod and we took a few more pictures.

The version below is the one I originally published in the blog several years ago, but I thought it was to pretty not to re-post!