Monday, March 5, 2012

A Studio Filled with Boys

So here are some photos from a shoot I had at the studio the other day; they are with Mico, Juniper, Giacomo, and Pico Della Rosa. Pico is the photographer in the photos; I took the pictures I am posting today. 

So I wrote a little bit about Mico already; I was walking down the street in front of my house, when Mico passed by walking in the opposite direction; he's the cutie with the the thick black hair and beard. Naturally, he caught my eye, and when I turned around to check him out, I couldn't help but notice that he was checking me out as well! My heart skipped a beat, and without any hesitation I ran over there and pulled out my cell phone; "You're gorgeous," I said, "Would you, by any chance, be interested in modeling for an artist?" and I showed him a collection of my raunchiest paintings in my phone. I don't know, but something about him told me he would be open to it. "Would I!" he exclaimed, "What are you doing now?" and just like that, we were off to my studio, arm in arm, talking about art and modeling projects, and he was naked and jerking off in my studio before I even learned his name. I did some beautiful, erotic drawings of him in those first hours; I'll get them scanned in and share them with you soon!

Below is a photo I took of Mico that first day.

I called my friend and talented photographer Pico della Rosa to come over and shoot my new and eager model, and we passed a first day in the bliss and happiness of beautiful art making. I posted the photos I took already in the blog; I'll post Pico's photos soon!

Anyway, I also recently met another charming boy; Juniper. He is a scrappy, charming youth; very stylish and handsome. Every day on my way to the gym, I go through the subway, and in the mornings the most beautiful Violin music greets my ears from the platform. But the music is not nearly as beautiful as the boy playing the instrument. Three or four times a week I pass his way, and every time I drop in a dollar, just so I can watch him smile at me as I walk away. Last time I was there, I dropped in a note I had previously scribbled in preparation; my number and my name, and a plea to hang out with me sometime! And then, as I was walking back from the gym through the same platform, he stopped his violin playing as soon as he saw me and we started a sweet conversation, which I hope never ends. He also agreed to model; and so here we are, two days ago, in my studio, Juniper the violinist, Mico, Giacomo my very good friend, and the photographer Pico della Rosa, and of course, myself, who orchestrated this meeting of beautiful boys.

Giacomo showed up first; I already posted the first photos I took of him, dancing like an Arabian dancing boy, in red and jewels.

The other two showed up at the same time an hour later; they met on the doorstep, and they seemed distinctly, um, preoccupied by each other when I opened the door to let them in. How could they not be; two boys so sweet, so cute and charming! I fully expect them to fall in love.

Below are some photos of Juniper, bare assed and lovely, dressing up in my things and posing for Pico.

And the three boys together. The photo shoot quickly got rather steamy; sadly, Giacomo is rather more shy than the rest of us, so some of the racier photos will go unposted. 

And my charming new friends checking themselves out in Pico's camera!

Its always hard to put clothes back on; after the photo shoot, my boys hung out in the living room, still nude, just to hang out.

Naturally, the sight of all this excitement left me a little, well, excited. I found myself sitting on the couch next to Juniper, who was still naked, with Mico on my other side, lying with his head in the lap of Giacomo, and honestly, how could I but bend over to kiss that shapely ass? And then turn around to kiss the tender lips of Juniper?

But that is another story for another blog post.

I'll write soon!