Friday, March 9, 2012

Hood Ornaments

I just finished a particularly beautiful piece, called "Hood Ornaments."Danimal came over to model for it last week; it was a really fun photo shoot. I knew I wanted a painting of elegant men and their chauffer getting it on on the hood of an old Rolls. I found a photo of the car I wanted online, and I set up props (chairs and books and such) to give us the right height so that he would be seated on the hood while I was standing on the side-board or whatever that thing is called that goes above the tires. Anyway, we proceeded to model and pose while my assistant took photos as though we were on the car! Here are some of the more beautiful poses;

Danimal on his stool, ready for me to step into the pose!

After, I took photos of Danimal as the chauffer, to be placed in the car, smoking a cigarette

And then I put my favorite versions of the poses together in a very rough photoshopped version to see what the scale would be like, and to make it easer to draw! Here is the photoshop painting:

After this was all done, I started drawing! Here are some photos of the process. The first is a simple drawing in ink with a fine brush.

And then a slow building up of watercolor washes!

And finally, the finished painting, Hood Ornaments!

Click on the link below to purchase a print of this painting; large for 35.00, and 11 inches for 17.00!

And finally, a picture of Danimal, looking cute and getting ready for the next round of poses! We took photos for a large group of paintings; I'll post the process as I do the paintings!