Saturday, March 3, 2012

Some old photos of myself and Kevin

I've been cleaning up my computer, which is why a bunch of old photos are getting posted lately. The photos I'm posting today were all taken years ago, while I was still in college; I must be 20 or so in these pictures. They were for a project I did with a friend, in which he wrote a poem and I illustrated it; it was called "Meat Drunk," and was about wolves and love. I made a glass book, illustrated with images of naked boys with the heads of wolves; these were the stock photos I took to do that project. I'll post some photos of "Meat Drunk" soon.

I've posted a couple of the "Meat Drunk" photos before, but most of these have been sitting around in the dark corners of my computer, unseen by anyone. The photos below are of a professional artist model named Kevin I met one day on the model stand when I was working; I put myself through school in part by working as an artist model at the school I was a student at. Anyway, he was modeling in class with me one day, and I asked him to come to the studio to pose for some of my pieces. I have no idea which drawings I have are of him; I had even forgotten he existed until I saw these in the folder. He was a good model; anyway, here is Kevin:

And finally, a photo I took of myself for a project in print-making class; the homework assignment was to make a woodblock print. Its called "Sleeping in Arcady." The photos I took of myself to make the print are at the bottom; the print itself is below. It was around halloween; I decided to dress in drag that year; my first time ever (and last - drag is not my thing), and I got a little carried away shaving my legs. I ended up shaving off all the hair on my entire body, rather badly, as my poor mangled head attests! Although I was a sexy lady.

Click below to purchase a copy of this print (in giclee - the original woodblock prints are all sold) for 17.oo