Friday, May 14, 2010

Les Feluettes, or, Lilies

This is one of my favorite movies.  Its a love story set in turn-of-the-century Canada, and tells of a love triangle between three boys in 1912, while alternating with the lives of the same men from a prison yard in the 1950's.  The editing and cinematography of this film are incredible, and the story structure novel and riveting.  The entire movie takes place as a sort of a play enacted by the men in the prison yard, and the film swings back and forth through time, transporting the rapt viewers into the youths and loves of the men in this incredible film.  And it doesn't hurt that the main stars are naked a lot of the time. I wish I had some stills to post, but below is a trailer for the film,



Anonymous said...

Oh, love this movie.

Unknown said...

Ce film a l'air en effet magnifique.

Merci beaucoup pour le lien vers mon blog. Je suis très touchée ! :))