Saturday, May 22, 2010

Boy Kimono

Some more photos from the (sadly) two beautiful days at The Haven.  I won this beautiful kimono at an auction (which I was very excited about - now I have a pattern to make more for myself), and it turns out this beautiful boy had always longed to wear a kimono.  Here he is dancing for joy, and in the rest, I am tying on a make-shift obi made out of a Mexican poncho.  I love this boy, whom I will call S.  I met S. last year at Burning Man.  He came to my camp where I was giving out snow cones, and he hung out for a while, waiting until I finished, but one thing after another came up, and we never managed to hook up.  And lo and behold, there he was at The Haven, so our friendship was clearly ordained by the stars.  Anyway, here are the photos,


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