Sunday, May 9, 2010

Beltane Friends

 Here are some photos I took on my first two days at the Beltane festival in Tennesse, which I just got back from.  These photos were taken while the sky was still blue (record rainstorms followed shortly on the heels of these sunny scenes), and before I met the Other Felix, a gorgeous boy who made me forget my camera and everything other than his delicious self.  I spent most of Beltane trapped in a tent by the torrential rainstorm, but since I was trapped with the most beautiful, the smartest and the cleverest boy, in oh so many, ways, that time was spent pleasantly enough!  I'll describe our romance soon, but in the meantime, here are some photos from those first two days, spent lounging on the knoll, hanging out with friends and drinking at the Tequila party.  Enjoy!

The Knoll

Giordano and his boyfriend. Giordano has appeared many times on my website before.  He is my brother's ex boyfriend, and he and I will be going on a trip to visit my family together in Mexico in July, with trips to the nude beaches of Zipolite and to the gay bars of Mexico City and Guadalaja.  I'll add lots of posts when that happens!  Giordano is the cute boy in the overalls.

The Palin Pinata at the Tequila Party


Anonymous said...

¡Qué guapo el chico pintado de azul! :D Me encantan tus pinturas Felix!!

felix d'Eon said...

Gracias! Yo tambien estaba enamorado con el chico de azul!