Friday, May 30, 2008

Those Southern Nights

This is Josh, a beautiful boy I dated years ago. He crushed me when he moved back to the Deep South, taking his beautiful smile with him. Oh, the South... His accent was delicious.
I met Josh before I'd launched my career as an artist - we were both artists' models at local art schools, and, like all truly great love stories, we were naked when we met. I immediately employed that greatest weapon in the arsenal of any artist - I asked him to pose for me. Having seen my prodigious talent firsthand, he agreed.
Needless to say, there was very little drawing during our first session.
Photographs are a poor substitute for the real thing - Josh is sorely missed.


Anonymous said...

Me encanta esta colección de fotos.

Esa complicidad entre los modelos... es maravillosa.


Writer said...

I just found your blog. These are beautiful photos and drawings. Sexy...but you aren't trying so hard, which makes them even sexier. I like the style of the drawing - reminds me of Tuke and other turn of the 20th century male (possibly gay) painters I like.

Thank you.