Friday, May 23, 2008

Toga, toga, toga. And Mastadon.

It was a hot day in San Francisco so my student, Jeremy, and I really needed a cooler, breezier experience. To that end, we got nekkid and raided my costume closet. What could be cooler and breezier than transparent togas? We spent the day making art and feeling the breeze. I've always thought that painting in costume - or failing that, nude - stimulates creativity, especially when you're working with someone as cute as Jeremy, and he is nude.
Jeremy and Felix explore their options.
Sometimes, it can take a really long time to get the fit just right and often, you'll find that you need lots and lots of help.
I'd like to say things like "Getting work done now sure was a breeze" or "We stripped right down to business" but things like that are really really cheesy and I would be embarrassed.
Again, here I'd almost be tempted to say "We kept each other from falling behind on work" but I would be ashamed.
Art is Serious Business. Once you get down to it, you have to be really.... Arty .... And stuff.
Of course, snacking is a very important part of a work day. Gotta keep that ole strength up, eh boys?
Mastadon wrestling is a theme I feel is not explored often enough in the Gay Art Community.
Once snacks and mastadon wrestling are covered, it's back to Serious Artist Time.

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