Friday, May 30, 2008

Bits and Knobs

I've always photographed models to use as reference in my work and it's only lately that I've thought about seeing the photos as art, complete in and of themselves. To that end, I've purchased a new camera. It's a beautiful machine, sleek, powerful, lots of buttons. ... Lots and lots of buttons. That do things. It's very complicated.
So complicated, in fact, that I've no idea what to with it and had to ask Jeremy to tutor me.
Jeremy came over to pose for my classical academy drawing, "Rebellious Jeremy" (pictured above) and after the session, gave me some tips on how to use the camera.
This is how I was tipped:
Jeremy, naked, would bark instructions from across the room as he reclined gracefully into various pieces of furniture. I'd snap a photo, Jeremy would pop up and race, bits dangling, to the camera to see what I'd done and make suggestions for improvement. Dutifully, I'd twiddle switches and turn knobs and Jeremy would sink gracefully into yet another pose, watching carefully to make sure I was following his instructions.
Anyway, here are a few of my favorites - the rest can be found on my website,

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