Monday, February 7, 2011

More Work on Vitruvian Man

I worked some more (a tiny bit more) on the Vitruvian Man commission today; I am doing something a little different than what I had originally intended.  It was going to be in oil on canvas, but I decided that the 17 inch size I originally specified was too small, and that the weave of the canvas would be to grainy for a finely detailed image.  So instead, I am going to do my painting in oil on paper.  To that end, I am gessoing the paper first, and am going to cover it with a thin film of oil paint in a brown color (maybe Van Dyke brown), and than am going to work wet into wet.  I think I will do this tomorrow or the day after.  For now, here are some photos of that first stage of paper preparation.  I accidentally posted the photos in the wrong order, but I will explain below;
So this photo and the others with the cute boy are of myself with my friend Kale, who is staying with me for a few days before he moves to Hawaii.  I had just finished gessoing in the paper (its a high quality and very stiff watercolor paper) when he got out of the shower, so he sat down to join me and see what I was up to.  He is an old friend and lover, and I am super happy that he is staying with me for a few days!

In this photo and the ones below I have just finished applying the gesso to the paper.  We've been having the most glorious weather here in San Francisco - I thank my stars daily that I live in California!  Hence the state of undress of myself and my friend Kale.

I'll be posting more soon, about this painting and a couple more I am doing of various cute friends.  Check back soon!