Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Studio Work

I am working on a portrait of my boyfriend right now, which will be a 10 hour pose, most likely.  I am painting him as the Greek god of fidelity in love, which is rather ironic.
Progress tends to be rather slow.

I also started work on the final version of the Vitruvian Man painting.  These photos were taken the day before yesterday;  today, I actually started applying paint.  A couple of days ago, I transfered the study I did last week to the paper.  First I printed the drawing on a large sheet of paper which is the same size as the final painting.  Than I covered the back in black charcoal, laid it over the gessoed paper, and traced the drawing with a sharp point, which effectively works like carbon paper.  Finally, I outlined this tracing with brown ink.  In these photos, I am covering the back of the print out with charcoal.
Today, I laid down a base coat and started painting.  I will write about them in the next post!