Monday, October 4, 2010

The Castro Street Fair and a New Model

The last few days have been hectic!  I had a booth at the Castro Street Fair yesterday, which did very very well, and a new model into the studio today.  I've actually known him for a little bit, but today was the first day he actually came to the studio and got naked, at least by himself.  We had a lovely time, and I look forward very much to painting him again in the future;  expect more photos, the full story, and drawings of him soon.

I have a question for everyone.  I did very well at the fair, and would like to do more - I set up a booth, met tons of people, sold lots of work.  It was really fun!  I would like to do more in other cities.  What others are there, and when do they happen?  Especially if they happen on the West Coast.  And if one happens in your neighborhood, would you be interested in putting up an artist and his cute assistant for a week or so?  I have been thinking of going on some road trips, and think this could be a good way to make them pay for themselves.  Plus it would be fun to meet local boys and do more drawings and paintings, maybe in your house, if you are willing!  If you have any ideas, write me, or post the suggestion on this blog!

Finally, I am having a show soon, at Eros, here in San Francisco.  I think the opening will be on the 14th of this month,  but that is not certain yet.  I plan on throwing a costume party (of course) - a toga party, to be exact, and will accomplish this by stripping my boys naked and dressing the whole crew in transparent togas.  Come and join us!  I'll post another listing and send out invitations in a couple of days, as soon as I have it confirmed.

Thanks you all, for coming to my booth and supporting me, and being so generally wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Felix, you can eventually spend one week here in Budapest. It will be my pleasure. Cyril