Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Commission of Octopus Love

I recently got a commission to paint an image similar to the one below

You can purchase a print of it here if you are interested
It is going to be a watercolor and gouache on paper, in a fairly realistic style, and sexually explicit.  I think its going to be very beautiful.  my brother was the model for the drawing above;

The patrons want a more muscular and possibly hairier boy than my brother or myself, though, and they requested the beautiful man Senon as a possibility for their drawing.  I had him come in today; the photographs I shot of him for this painting follow below:

These are just a sample of the poses he took;  there are a good sixty photographs, and I have not yet decided which to use.  The painting will be much more complex than the Japanese style drawing at the top, and will be finished within a few days, since I am going to Italy in two weeks, and I won't be able to work on it afterwards.  Check back soon to see its progress, and for more photos from my last opening!

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