Monday, July 28, 2008

Like they do on the Discovery Channel

Deunoro, Marcelito's boyfriend, came by for a photo shoot today and I asked him to pose in one of my costumes (I'm an Aztec dancer). He was willing, so using my artistic license liberally, I dressed him with revealing creativity. After all, it seemed a shame to cover up such tender bits.

Marcelito is out of town (last I heard, he'd been seen drunkenly attempting to seduce German tourists in a Mexican beach town), and my own boyfriend has been in Thialand for ages so it's just been Deunoro and myself, keeping ourselves occupied. I could do worse for company - Deunoro is a delightful person, and always happy to come to the studio, put on a skimpy outfit and dance around.

As always, there are more photos from this session on my website at


Will said...

I had seen this stunning man when going through your portfolio on the site. He reminds me strongly of one of the most rewarding theatrical design jobs I ever had: doing sets and props for The Ethnographic Museum of Irrelevant Races, a collaborative creation exhibit led by Mexican-American performance artist Guillermo Gomez-Pena (I believe he lives in San Francisco). You've got a great prop and costume stock.

A bientot--

Writer said...

These are great photos! I love the costume!