Monday, July 8, 2013

Back Again!!!

So when I moved to Mexico almost a year ago, Blogspot decided that I was not myself and kicked me off my blog! I tried everything I could to try and post again, but nothing worked, as I was posting from a different country and it asked for all kinds of information I didn't have access too. I gave up the situation as hopeless, sad because I had so many followers, and decided to make a new blog and just start over. But happily, a friend of mine figured the situation out, and I can access my blog again! So we will be posting daily from here on out, with the first of our new posts below! Check back tomorrow and often as we update the blog!

I met Rafael (the black-haired boy in the photos) at a costume party at my house a month ago or so, he was a guest of Elias whom he had met at University. He showed up and was naked almost before I learned his name, dressed in nothing but gold and pearls! He was a lovely guest, and wound up spending the night with Elias and I, and I have had several photo shoots of him since, which photos I have yet to post (but which will be coming soon)! Last week he came by with his ex boyfriend, also named Rafael, and I took photos of the two posing in the guest room; these simple ones here, and later, crowned with blossoms and making love in a bed of flowers. I'll post those photos as well, soon. I think they are both so charming and sweet, and very smart, prone to carrying about volumes of Proust and Plato wherever they go, and I am so happy to have gotten to know them. Rafael One (the darker boy) is actually staying with me for a few weeks, so lots and lots of photos of him will be coming soon! 

Also, I have been posting photos taken years ago at the back end of my blog, so it is in fact growing from both ends; don't forget to check out the last pages for photos, many previously unpublished, from years back!

These are not the only photos, check it out the rest on my website.