Sunday, January 17, 2010

Three of Staffs

The Three of Staffs, my latest tarot card, and the photo of myself I took as reference.
I am wearing a basket I bought in Laos, which is similar to the type used in ancient Mesoamerica. A young pochteca, or Aztec merchant, stands on the shores of a great lake, with great pyramids and a city in the distance. He is simply dressed for travel, and carries a back basket on his back, from which emerges a great fruit tree, the axis mundi, laden with fruit. The fruit tree held in the back basket is one of the symbols of Yacatecuhtli, the God Who Wanders, special patron of the pochteca, of those on journeys and on distant roads, and symbolizes the tree of shade he offers to the weary and the fruits of abundance he profers to the faithful. He holds a turquoise staff in his hand, crowned with the golden flower of fecundity, poetry and art, and two more stand beside him. In the distance three canoes laden with merchandise sail into the distance. The canoes are his, and carry his products to distant places. This card symbolizes effort, trade, enterprise, discovery, and fruitfulness visited from great effort. This is a card of success in commerce.

You can find this card on my website in the "Tarot" section, and in my ebay store.

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