Saturday, October 17, 2009

angels of reference

I met Extli and Monica at a nude beach in Zipolite. We were taken with each other immediately - we're all Aztec dancers and we're all extremely good-looking people.

There was an impromptu photo shoot at their home in Mexico City the night we met. I'd meant to take pictures of them in their dance costumes but it would have been such a shame to hide that loveliness underneath layers of fabric. Costumes were duly shed and I was able to get so many lovely and useful photos of the two of them. I'll reference these photos later in the studio, when I give them wings and make it look though they are flying.


jeff ingram said...

It is so good to find you again -- Your spirit and your life.

Dídac Muciño said...

qu erotismo tan más bello en tu trbajo, las dibujos las linean, I`m enyoing it

Unknown said...

They're so cute ! Adam & Eve…
Happy to discover your blog.
I'll see you again.