Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some Sam

I met Sam at a bookstore a few weeks ago; he had a boyfriend, and they were obviously a couple. This, of course, means nothing, since almost every gay couple I know is most definitely not exclusive. But they, it turned out, were. Well, the next best thing is to get a boy in my studio and strip him naked, which is of course what I did. The photos below are the result of this wonderful arrangement. But in the course of our photo and drawing session, it turned out that he was very unhappy with his boyfriend; I felt so sad for him, and naturally more than a little pleased for myself. We went out for a drink together after drawing; he was wearing shorts in spite of the chilly weather, and I somehow found my hand wandering up his leg under the table; he didn't complain; in fact, his leg moved just the tiniest bit closer, and my hand wandered farther and farther up, to the marvelous discovery that he wasn't wearing any underwear. We found ourselves back in the studio we had so recently left, making out in every alley and corner along the way. I think his passion was heightened by the knowledge of his wrongdoing; our lovemaking was fierce and primal. My boyfriend Felix Forrest wandered in towards the end, just coming home from work to the discovery of myself in bed with this blond cutie. He lost no time in doffing his clothes (which he had barely managed to put on, anyway; he works as a nude model at the local art schools), and joining in our play. It was marvelous. He broke up with his boyfriend shortly thereafter, but he told me he probably doesn't want to model for me again, either, which is a shame. Anyway, here are the photos;