Monday, January 16, 2012

More Kitten and Neil

Here are some more photos of Kitten and Neil, taken that day we had a photoshoot at my house a few years ago. They were taken as stock photo; I'm thinking about them and posting them now because I just used a few of the poses to make some beautiful new drawings, which I will post on the blog and ebay tomorrow or the day after, along with the photos I used to make them. For now, I am publishing some of the older photos, along with paintings I made at the same time using them as reference.  Here are a few that I am posting just because they look so cute,

Here is a photo of a stock pose I did with them, followed by the painting

You can purchase a print of the painting at this link, on my website

And a couple of other paintings made from stock photos I took at the same time. As you can see, the upper image was from a pose very similar to the "Quarrel."

You can purchase prints of these two paintings here

and here!

I'll post the newest paintings I did from this photoshoot soon!