Tuesday, December 27, 2011

At the Yuba with friends

I went to the Yuba river on the Eastern side of Northern California with some friends and my lovely boyfriend, Felix Forrest Wolf, this past summer. Now that the sad, long days of Winter are upon us, I spent this chilly morning looking at photos taken this past summer, of all of us frolicking naked in the clear waters of the Yuba. It was such a lovely trip; a full week, of nothing but basking in the sun and playing in the river.  Here are some photos.

The gentleman in the photo above was a hiker who walked past our campsite on the river. We walked past us just a he is in the photo above - quite naked. I was naturally charmed. He and I and Felix Forrest decided to go for a walk back down the river, and the photo above is of my view as I walked along behind him, with Felix on the path behind me.  The three of us ended up making love on the rocks, on a little island in the middle of the river; it was so beautiful. There was no one to take pictures of that, but I did take some of the lovely stranger and my boyfriend; I'll post them soon!