Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Caboose Doesn't Always Have To Be At The End

Caboose is one of my very good friends from The Haven. He lives most of the year in Louisiana, where he works as a river boat captain -and really, is there anything sexier than that? Steering those big ships, working with the sailors, yelling at the sailors, disciplining the sailors, taking their pants away......
He's one of those friends I see only twice a year, at gatherings at the Haven. He dates my brother from time to time (I'll admit to being a little jealous but as I usually have my hands full, I'll let my brother take some of the pretty ones, once in a while. I'll post some photos of them in the tub and exchanging massages soon!)
Caboose, compact, dark, handsome, and suave. So much fun to have around and always a pleasure to watch.

Here he is at the Nude Wrestling Tournament, lying around naked before he started wrestling and later, wrestling with another friend.

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Anonymous said...

What's The Haven? Looks like a fun place.