Sunday, January 29, 2012

The last of the stock with Felix Forrest

I'm in Palm Springs right now, at an art fair of sorts for my work; its been really great. I met some new customers, and a couple of old ones who came out to meet me. One of my new friends is a photographer from LA; he invited me to be in a photoshoot here in the pool at the resort. I got to model with his very hot and hunky model, as well as with himself; it was super fun. I'll post a link to his website soon, and the photos he took when he sends them to me. I wish I had taken some photos of my own of the process to share with you on the blog, or of the handsome young man I ended up spending the night with; hopefully, he will come up to San Francisco later and I will immortalize him in art and share his charms with you. Tomorrow, a friend and I are going on a road trip back to San Francisco. In the meantime, here are the last of the photos from that shoot with Felix Forrest, for stock.

I shot this stock when I was working on my Japanese calendar last year. But I took so much of it, and it was all so good, that I have been using it ever since on a variety of projects; if I know I want to paint a cute couple in some setting, I will refer to it (along with a great many other photo shoots) for a pose. Here are a couple of paintings I made using the stock above;

This one was from the calendar. It was made from a photo I took during the same photoshoot. You can purchase a print of it at the link below, or see more of my Japanese style paintings there!

And a recent piece I did just a week ago, using the same photo shoot.